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  • Any news about the tower pv going to a point system? Also will it be a pass/pass course now?
    I'm afraid I'm not aware of this issue. I'd like to refer you to your local rep and RVP for response. Can you please give me your name, facility and email address, so I can contact your RVP ASAP? Thanks.
    Hi Doug,
    Why isn't NATCA addressing the CPC-IT loophole properly? Despite claims, it is known that all efforts have not been made to fix this. Do Rinaldi and Gilbert realize that this needs to be fixed? Lying to all of the members is going to prove to have been a very bad decision.
    A80 payout: in july we got 47k for back pay from 2002/2004. Was this because the pay was wrong during this period,if so, being retirement pay is based on high 3, should the retirement pay for those effected be increased?
    Hi, i was wondering if you could answer a question for me. I'm an asthmatic and i've been at my facility for almost two months now. My asthma at this point has gotten much worse since ive moved here because of the pollution. Do you know if I have to get certain documents from a doctor and if I'm elligable with this condition for a hardship transfer? Thank you


    I have a question for you concerning FCT's and NATCA. Our tower contacted NATCA a few years back asking about membership. We were told that NATCA was not taking on any new FCT's at that time. We have just hired a former FAA controller who left the FAA and said that they were told the NATCA was actively looking to represent FCT's and even produced an e-mail from a regional rep that stated this. So whats the skinny?

    What facility in South Carolina are you going to be at? I'll contact the NATCA fac rep for you and have you talk to them about your good question about calculating your retirement. I'll also cc the RVP, Victor Santore.

    As for hardship, the Red Book contract lists priorities as being reserved for those needing to transfer to take care of children or ailing relatives. I don't believe there is a provision for financial concerns. Again, though, a good question for your new fac rep.

    Hi Doug, I think I am about to receive a FOL and have a couple questions. Where do I find out anything about retirement? My human resource lady doesn't know. I am ex Patco going to a level 6 facility (SC). I was in Air force and worked Cleveland Airport almost three years until strike. I hope I get the 4 years military and 2.5 years with Faa so I can work until 65 and get some kind of a pension. The other question was I put in for a hardship to Charleston or savannah (financial hardship so I don't have to move since I am taking big paycut initially) What chances of that do I have.
    Hi Doug. Where can I get a form to join NATCA again? Can you email me one?" or can I get one from the website?
    ATCer1, saw your private message to me about the RVA contract ... may I ask, are you a NATCA member?

    Hi Doug,
    I understand we are about to be negotiating a new contract with RVA. In the past you stated that you were choosing the best time to apply for a new wage determination. Is that still true? Do you anticipate a higher figure? Will the FSS contract pay come into play? Also, what are we asking for going in?

    Yes, the FAA has slowed down hiring to a crawl. We don't have an idea when the FAA will decide to pick anyone up. Hang tight.

    Mr. Church,
    I am getting ready to start terminal leave from the Navy. I have went online and attempted to apply on the FAA website, but applications for VRA appointments and CTO holders are not available. Do you know when they will come back up? Is there some sort of hiring freeze? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Mr Church,
    I am the guy who asked about the DOD transfer and new book pay. I just got my tentative offer from the FAA it says salary at academy at $37,070 and $41,546- $48,933 at facility starting not including locality. This letter doesnt meet my base pay as a GS-12 step 4. Also the type of appointment says Excepted appointment NTE 13 months: full time, temporary at the academy and excepted conditional; full time, permanent at the facility. My current staus is career permanent since ive done more than 3 yrs fed service. Are these normal for this letter or are they wrong and if so what should I do? Thank you for your time.

    What does PUBNAT mean? I find only series options to look up jobs to apply for under ASAP on the FAA website. Where does PUBNAT fall under all of this?
    Hello Mr Church, i am responding to my post about an ERR. My name is Mark Cantrall and I am currently at ORF. Thank you for any help you might have.
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