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    Facility Upgrades/Downgrades

    I don't think the dtrb list has been updated in some time, they've been changing traffic count programs for the last thousand years.
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    NEST 8/12

    Everything you need to know on the NEST NATCA Western Pacific
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    ERR Timelines

    Well, the facility in question needs to be authorized to do an err sweep/pull. Just because the rep or atm says they need staffing doesn't mean HR and FAA higher ups agree, so the err pull might be denied by HR.
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    Swap Question

    There was a grievance out of one the regions (I believe my own Western Pacific) that pretty much ended up being upheld that determined they have to let you go pretty quickly (a few PPs). I'll see if I can find it.
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    Looking for Some Information on a Few Locations.

    some might have changed this list is from 2011ish i think. A90 7.5% ACK 8.0% ACY 1.7% ADS 2.0% ADW 5.9% APA 2.9% APC 10.0% ARB 5.3% ARR 6.3% ASE 8.0% BDL 5.7% BED 10.0% BFI 5.7% BJC 3.6% BOS 7.5% BUR 10.0% BWI 1.7% C90 8.0% CCR 10.0% CDW...
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    Looking for Some Information on a Few Locations.

    You would start at D2 at a level 6. Additionally you get 27.88% locality and 8.5% CIP at CMA. You ballpark would get $62359 plus $4144ish of CIP ... give or take a thousand. And not including differentials
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    New Release Policy

    It shouldn't affect those with release dates currently... but I have not seen the final mou or heard how it will be implemented
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    New Release Policy

    Did you not see the part where it said "I have not seen or heard how this effects bids."
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    New Release Policy

    I'll post an in depth later on my next break
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    Level 7 VFR Tower Washout Options

    Yeah but you get like %7000 locality
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    Radar to Tower / Tower to Radar

    Yeah one who had tower only and got to go to d01, and another that was radar only is going to ord.... makes no sense... but then again, neither does damn near anything the FAA does.
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    Promotion-Release Date

    They are doing things right... they have numbers to project for and facility to staff. Why have people forgotten how the operation comes first.
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    Lateral Transfer

    N90 and c90 only as of now.
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    Promotion-Release Date

    Only in some cases, the FacRep should force the agency to negotiate the cpcs release date as it will impact the workforce.