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    Gi Bill Each Month

    From what I have heard the guys discuss there is a bit of a difference between post 9/11 and GI. Most I know have gone with the post 9/11 as it pays more, hopefully someone else can chime in on that as I am not VRA and don't know much else about it.
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    Minneapolis Center - ZMP

    Looks like I dodged a bullet by not get picked up there!
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    Minneapolis Center - ZMP

    Last i heard the list was close to 80. However the last err i heard of being selected was from a 6, there is appearany no ryme or reason to who they hire. Best bet is to just throw your name in the hat, but have a backup plan also.
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    Minneapolis Center - ZMP

    Good luck! Terminal CPC's have had no shot at getting there the past 2+ years. I did hear of one recently though.
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    Advice for New Hire ATC's

    If you are referring to managers as in ATM's, there is no force out at 56 as they do not work traffic.
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    En Route (Apr-June)

    Anyone Zau bound in here looking to share an apt, if so send me a message. I'll be there nov 3.
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    Chicago Center - ZAU

    I am looking to see if anyone currently at Zau or going in the near future is seeking a roommate. Send me a message, I will be there Nov 3.
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    Chicago Center - ZAU

    That is a really good deal. Everything I've looked at is really spendy. We stopped by on Monday and I picked up some study material and we also looked around at the towns. I liked Oswego and sandwhich. My wife liked the Naperville area....LOL.
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    Chicago Center - ZAU

    Where do most of the newcomers stay, is there a preferred apartment that's tried and true or is it just a shot in the dark. That place across the street looks like it would be cheap, and a short commute.
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    I just wanted it confirmed.
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    What does your crystal ball say about those at a 7 trying to ERR?
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    Assistant Referral List

    You have been referred to the
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    Terminal Vs. Center

    Location is a big one too. Most are located away from the big city.
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    That's cool, is it true that MSP and M98 have a higher locality pay than ZMP?