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  • Dude, tell me you have dropped my name a thousand times to get me hired at your facility. I'm just kidding man, how are things at NCT. You should have finished OKC and be working on your D sides by now?
    Hey thats awesome that you got the Welcome aboard packet from NCT. I should probably check my mail here soon.
    Yeah you would think that I would be a shoe in to get DoD but unfortunately i've only worked Yuma. They aren't really hiring at the moment. I have applications in everywhere and hoping to have a job when i get out. I'll be at 13 if I do get out and it's looking like the best option for my family.
    Dude it took that long to get picked up. I am way screwed then. I'm out a month after i turn 31. I have my application in though in hopes of getting a letter before that day. Any ideas on where i should put for duty preference?
    Hi I saw on the Employment forum you got your clearance recently. Do you mind if I ask which PEPC you were with, and when you did your re-eval? Congrats btw.
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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