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    "On the Go" Vs "missed Approach"

    No it is not confusing at all to say you’re on the go. I would say it is more confusing to say you’re going missed approach when you’re not actually conducting a missed approach procedure.
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    I Got Offered a Class Date!

    This is very common. Just follow your instincts.
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    Wake Turbulence Timers?

    No, but a timer wouldn't hurt.
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    Wake Turbulence Timers?

    Just mark the time when the aircraft has begun rotating for departure referencing the FAA clock and go from there.
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    Army Training for ATC

    Go overseas if you can actually swap. My really good friend who was Army air traffic did whatever post that is out in Korea. He got very good exposure to actual air traffic and had a great time out there. He is one of the very few competent army air traffic I’ve met.
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    Vertical Separation: IFR Departure Beneath Overhead Traffic - Wake Turbulence Application

    The 2 minute rule has no bearing on this. The overhead traffic is not considered as any sort of operation when coming over the top of prior to the break. With the given scenario, you will need your vertical separation of a 1000 until the heavy begins the break. Essentially, you can't launch the...
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    CPC-IT Forced to Change Days Off

    Slate book article 34 section 15 seems to have the most relevance here.
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    FAA Housing

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    Pad Management Suggestions

    3 columns. Left for arrivals. Middle for overflights. Right for Departures. Other than that, I use short ripped in half strips to manage the sequence for pattern work/arr/dep necessary especially when I know it is gonna need to shuffle.
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    Marine Officer ACT

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    VFR Block Altitude Assignment, Lower Limit Below MVA

    This only applies to TRSA.
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    Army ATC facilities with CTOs

    This is very misleading. You cannot get a specific MOS/job guaranteed in the Corps which is true. You can get a specific job fieldguaranteedin your contract though, such guaranteeing the AJ field which is at least 72xx.
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    New York TRACON - N90

    This is pretty frustrating to find out. Thanks.
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    Hardship Out.

    Article 99. It pretty much spells it all out for you.