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    It's funny, I wanted to say that jobtestprep don't offer an ATC simulation game practice, but I just received an email from them that they just uploaded a new beta version of the ATC simulator. It looks very raw, but it works pretty well.
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    December Bid

    The Biographical Questionnaire is no longer a part of the hiring process since somewhere in 2019 I think. And I recommend two websites I've been using for the ATSA Test - ATCPrep and JobTestrPrep. They somewhat complete each other, one is more gamified and the other is more psychometric and...
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    ATSA Exam from June 2019 Application

    This is for the old version, the AT-SAT, not the AT-SA. I recommend practicing here also. There is some guidance for the personality tests, even though some think it's something you can't prepare to, and the verbal and logical parts are excellent.