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  • well considering they are honoring all current tols, id consider myself in. especially since i did my drug refresh yesterday. no class date yet though
    I called on monday and set mine up over the phone. Mine is tomorrow at 930. The lady said she had just gotten the list in over the weekend and was going to call/send out emails then
    Knowing youre being considered makes the wait pretty hard to bear I agree. If I hadnt gotten selected again this panel, Id have been pissed and gotten over it after a week or so. And just been disgruntled until the next panel. All is well though my man, good things happen to those who wait.
    Sorry keep forgetting to check your page. Yeah, same as you, waiting on some contact for an interview yet. Should be soon I would think. Probably wont get an interview date earlier than May though by this point Im guessing
    No date yet. Just the "Thank you for responding to our inquiry regarding an interview..." email. It can't come soon enough though. How about you?
    I haven't visited yet, but from what I can see on Google maps it looks nice, haha. As long as it's better than Amherst!

    And tell Kelley I said good luck on the next panel.
    Yea she wants denver too. But yea, I visited zfw, its nice. And the area isnt bad either. Dallas is a lot of fun I hear.
    Hey Scotty!

    Ah, that sucks. Well, I know ZOB is doing some hiring in June. So...I'm assuming it's going to be an official panel. She wants ZDV as well I'm guessing?

    I was hoping for ZOB, but I'm not complaining with what I got!
    Nah, Kelley got skipped this round, were hoping next panel for sure though. What was your first choice
    Wow that's crazy 2 ppl from Amherst going to zfw. What year did you graduate? You're a few years younger than me so we might not have been in high school at the same time..
    I did. I was thrilled to get picked on this panel. Even if it wasn't my first choice, I'm excited to start!

    Was Kelley picked up?
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