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    03/12 Terminal

    The academy is cake. From what i have heard you will still be in class like normal. We will def get together and zimm is here too.
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    03/12 Terminal

    Oo do you have your fol yet?
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    2/26/12 Terminal.

    Just got my fol staying at kim's
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    2/26/12 Terminal.

    Im still waiting as well, glad Im not the only one.
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    Army ATC: best locations for experience

    My first 2 years in the Army, I got really good at police call (picking up trash) and ruck marching. I went to Iraq in 2005, and got a cto there. Iraq is gone now, as will be Afghanistan next year. I consider it a miracle that, I got a cto and now have a class date for the FAA acadamy. With...
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    Tier Two

    Great news New Boots!
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    I was offered this class today. I think Im going somewhere in Montana.
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    Hey there, just trying to see if anyone else has been selected for Montana? I did do the search, but all I could find was from years ago. Here's Me for Montana: Nov 11 CTO/VRA TOL Jun 12 All Clear and waiting on the academy.