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    CTI Class Action Lawsuit??

    Hey bro, you in the cable industry?
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    New Contract

    Any rumors on what the raises will be!?
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    Univ of N Dakota ATC Program

    Even IF the FAA brings back preference for CTI grads, there are literally thousands of CTI grads out there wanting to be controllers that haven't been hired. The competition would be high.
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    Univ of N Dakota ATC Program

    As of now, the ATC program is useless. It will give him no edge on getting hired as a controller; the BioQ determines whether you get hired.
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    San Juan CERAP - ZSU

    How are things at San Juan? Still picking up controllers for this year? How long does training typically take?
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    Salt Lake Center - ZLC

    I saw some Indy on the list.
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    April 2016 PTOL's
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    4/6/2016 Enroute Basics

    Does this class roll into the May 16th initial enroute?
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    Im here. I'll be staying at walnut gardens.
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    Pass/Fail Rates

    8 started and 8 finished.
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    Pass/Fail Rates

    8/8 passed the latest enroute class.
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    Completed Everything and Waiting ??

    I completed the physical on 1/19 and that was the last item on my list to check off. HR says everything except the physical has cleared.
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    Pass/Fail Rates

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    Pass/Fail Rates

    I kind of wonder if the faa will want to increase passing rates with all of the media attention on lack of controllers.