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    PUBNAT5/6 OKC Dates

    I agree, RTF classes rock, we run scenarios all day. Usothrowed, I'm watching you right sitting two seats to the left... do you feel the creep wave?
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    FLIGHT CONTROL app for the iPhone... anyone?

    Ah Rossta, please tell me it's photoshopped. I landed 169 on same field and until now felt like it was the bomb! LOL
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    Christmas Dinner At Isola Bella

    Dinner was great, food was delicious, guys were hot and the beer was cold. What else one can ask for? You can see my happy face grinning
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    And The Winner Is

    Rossta, I thought you were already here. How the heck did you manage to win the TV without showing up? Lucky dawg!
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    I got checked out today - CPC

    Big fat congrats to you! Your story makes me happy. Lvl 12 and checked out under a year- all these folks who say it's not possible... well, to heck with them! I am in basics right now and there are 4 people in my class going to your facility, all OTS. Congratulations!
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    Hey buddy, how is it going? When is your last day? I am half-done thru basics.

    Hey buddy, how is it going? When is your last day? I am half-done thru basics.
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    Isola Bella Night Class Supper Program

    To follow up on my earlier post, the Inet was fixed and works blasting fast. Thanks Michelle! I like Isola Bella and strongly recommend staying here; my apartment has wonderful lake view which makes my dog very happy (who can resist duck watching?)
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    Isola Bella Night Class Supper Program

    I am here right now and the Inet is as bad as it can be.. Keep calling for it to get fixed and the answer the guy just gave me is "nothing we can do". Can't even go to my bank let alone do web cam
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    November 4th Terminal

    My all-time favorite is when Stewie steals Brian's hair out of a comb and glues them onto his body:"Stewie, what are you doing?- Just me and my pubes, haaaaanging out".
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    November 4th Terminal

    There's a great pavillion which is perfect for meetings and casual gatherings. It's the place where they serve meals to FAA students. I liked it and hope you will too
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    November 4th Terminal

    LOL u r nuts! Yeah, I am driving on the 3rd, be there sometime in the pm.
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    November 4th Terminal

    Yay Mmactuba! Last week at my current job- trying to think of a goodbye letter as we speak.
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    People who have received FOL and class dates...

    I start TRACON basics on the 4th and received my FOL and package today. It was funny because as I was reading through my FOL, I saw a FedEx truck pull up. Makes it a perfect weekend!
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    November 4th Terminal

    Got my FOL and my package today! So happy! I spoke to EM on Tues and she mentioned she would be gone all next week so she wanted to get the stuff to us before she leaves.
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    November 4th Terminal

    when I pulled up a class description on the FAA website, under each class it says the maximum capacity. For TRACON class it said 12- so that makes our class full.