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  • Hey man I saw your PM but for whatever reason I get an error everytime I try to respond. Shoot me your e-mail address and I'd be more than happy to give you some info about being an officer in this career field.
    Just stopping by to say hello b/c Im new here. Well Im a 7yr ATC Army vet in VRA status looking for contract ATC work until the next FAA VRA announment comes out. Anyway, Hi Hi!
    Hey dude I'm finally at tech school. Hope you're on your way as well. I got passed up for the last panel so I'm a bit nervous but hopefully things will get through.
    Well now I feel more like the "Chair Force" now lol :)

    All we do at student flight is sign a few things and have people talk to us about basic, or their mission if they can.

    I signed up for 1n1 (Imagery Analysis) after learning ATC isn't offered here in WA, and no bonus. I figured what the hell I'll take the bonus and go into a job with TS for a backup.
    No said date yet.... having a few hiccups with my TS clearance. Collecting a paycheck at student flight though lol. You guys have student drills at the Army Guard?
    Military is the route to go! The Vet pref goes along way with getting real experience! Plus us VRA's have way more oppurtunities than just FAA. Smart choice and good luck!
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