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    10/7/14 RTF

    i'm in a hotel, everywhere i wanted to stay was full :( oh well, it is just a month, right?
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    Chicago - ZAU, Fire/evacuation

    glad to see you are okay, Mbalunda, Tom and i were thinking about you when we heard the news.
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    10/7/14 RTF

    found out today that i am in this class... checked out in tower and back for RTF. where is everyone staying? i really don't want to drive out, does anyone with a car need a roommate???? anyone know of anyone else in our class?
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    RTF Officially PASS/FAIL

    well tower is pass/fail for everyone. however, if you washed out of your first facility and went back for tower class, you couldn't be failed out by the academy since you already belonged to your new facility. It was up to your new facility if they wanted you to report or not. There were 3...
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    In Other News: Latest Tower PV Pass Rate...

    the class that pv'd yesterday 6 out of 17 failed the first day and only 1 failed the re-take... i know two people today that failed their first try too and they have to wait until monday to re-take. and the traffic on the pv is supposed to be a level 6, but my instructor said it's busier than that.
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    MMAC Gym

    how much was it? and jeffvdub, where are you in SC? i am going to MYR
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    MMAC Gym

    anyone ever use the gym at the academy? the website says they have one, but i don't remember anything about it from the last time i was there.
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    04/16/2014 Tower

    if you are looking for a place to stay, i am renting a room not far from kim's place that is really cheap...600/month! i am leaving on april 15th and she is looking for another faa tenant. pm me if you are interested! this is my second time out can save a lot of money if you stay...
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    04/23/2014 Tower

    if you are looking for a place to stay... i am leaving on april 15th and the girl i am renting a room from is looking for another tennant. she is really nice and is only charging 600/month. her house isn't far from kim's place. let me know if you are interested, she likes having academy...
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    02/26/2014 Tower

    i was informed today that they are trying to get me in this class...i took that to mean it was full and they were trying to get me in anyway... i wonder if we are joining a class that started basics or if everyone is starting on the 26th.
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    RTF Now Pass Fail (New Hires)

    when did that change? i know someone from my center that washed out, went to the academy for tower and it was pass/fail. and they had certifications at the center too...
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    RTF Now Pass Fail (New Hires)

    I'm pretty sure that if you fail out of your first facility and get sent back for tower training, its pass/fail.
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    ZAE (Aero-Center Map) test.....

    not to mention learning to draw approach plates and all sids and stars used in your area... i would take that aero center map back ANY day!
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    PV Coming up Soon

    Re: PV On Wednesday! D66....sniff sniff...position relief..sniffle... briefing... bite me mike, i ran a perfect problem according to my R-side =)
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    PV Coming up Soon

    Re: PV On Wednesday! haha you are so funny GT... so funny