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  • Hey Landon,
    Sorry it's taken awhile to get back to you. Currently I am at KPAE now. As far as I know, we have 3 more people coming in behind me. We should be staffed at 12, but will have 19 on board. Hope that helps.

    Great man, that's really helpful. I appreciate it -- and the wife will too when I show her. Thanks.
    Heh, actually, that'd help. Mostly interested in Isola Bella and Kim's Place; not familiar with the town at all since I used rode on 35 all the way through when I've been there. I'd ask whether either were suitable for commuting by bike, but it'll probably be Jan-Mar when I'm there, and it's too cold then anyway.

    Thanks man.
    Hey man... you're already in Norman, right? Or at least were for a while? Got any good advice on some of the FAA housing providers?
    I have been at ZID for about two years now. I am just finishing up radar training. I would suggest when you can (thanks to the little controller in NYC there are no tours right now) to set up a meeting with our HR lady. That is what I did when I toured ZID for the first time. Met the chief and the HR lady. They have all the local power when it comes to training.

    Not much news has come down the pipe about new people coming in the building. Everyone I know is set for this year and there won't be anymore new people coming until FY11 which starts in Oct. I know there is a list of people waiting to come to ZID. As of Indy tower they are totally full last I heard. I dont think they will be taking any new people for atleast 2-3 years. But i will double check both when I go to work tuesday.
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