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  • Any advice on a tier 2 appeal? Just got word that I was denied. Disorderly conduct in 2/2009 and public intoxication 8/2010. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
    I've been reading through a lot off old post and saw one where you asked if someone would take a look at your resume. Did anybody take the time and do this for you? Did it seem to help?
    One more, what are some (if any) Army bases I could volunteer for deployments? Kosovo, Africa, Germany, Afghanistan? Thanks for the answers man. I did as much research as I could for ATC, I tried the Air Guard but slots never came. I know Army is limited ATC opportunities , but I'm going to try my best to make it work. Any advice would be great. Thanks again
    I leave in a week or two for BCT and AIT, just was wondering any advice you had for me? I posted a question in the Army ATC social group. If you had time to answer, that'd be sweet
    im working back where i went to high school in san diego, back with serco, i worked for them up in bethel in 09. but ya, mvy was awesome.. good times in the summer for sure
    "Hey man, You're coming to Cape Cod? I used to work at Martha's Vineyard Tower for Midwest. I work at the Coast Guard base on Cape Cod now. Where on the Cape are you headed?"

    idk when u sent this but yeah i worked over there with midwest last summer for fun. it was pretty cool. i was at martha's vineyard airport from may2010 to oct2010, little six month seasonal job.
    My wife has been BEGGING me to move to MA, cause thats where she is from. When i began looking for a job, i avoided midwest ATC because they wanted me to move out to the east coast before they would offer me a job. If opeing are comming up there i would be very interested to make my wife happy... LOL. Although i heard some pretty bad rumers about the east coast contract towers...
    Davison AAF you will work Tower/GCA and Pentagon Heliport. As well as maintain currency in all 3 facilities. Traffic is very light in all 3 facilities, pentagon is a ppr heliport with no airspace it lies within DCAs class B. Manning is very low and hours have been curtailed until we can get some people and get them rated. Any specific questions feel free to ask.
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