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    Wake Turbulence Timers?

    We just use programmable timers, for reference we have parallels 700 feet centerline, a crossing runway as well. The parallels have a displaced threshold on one side and are offset on the other. So timers are used fairly regularly.
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    Looking for Cintrollers to Help in a Student’s Research **Compensation Provided!**

    Actually honest question, I worked as a recovery operator for CLB5 out of Dwyer, most my time in FOB Delhi, took Mustang to a few shitholes in Marjah plenty of times during then. Saw plenty of cas runs in and out, wondering if he ever flew through.
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    Anyone Interested to Work in French Guiana ?

    What exactly is a level 4 in French and how long will it take me to get to that level?
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    Looking for Cintrollers to Help in a Student’s Research **Compensation Provided!**

    Side question, ever fly over Marjah in early to mid 2010 during Op Moshtarak?
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    Looking for Cintrollers to Help in a Student’s Research **Compensation Provided!**

    Well a couple more years and I can help you out, we do have some kind of NextGen implements in place. Anyway, Semper Gumby Chair Force Shiny :)
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    Wake Turbulence Separation

    Also it helps to know what type of wake turb rules your facility follows. Mine is Recat 1.5 for example which goes A through F for sizes instead of small/large/heavy
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    Wx Mins TWR Pattern

    Then yeah, anything outside of an official weather observation doesn't hold weight when you have to explain why the only two planes in the sky had a deal.
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    Wx Mins TWR Pattern

    Which does bring up a good question, are you under the assumption wx mins for pattern work are 015 ceiling or is that a local SOP? Or just a generalized questions about the use of pireps?
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    Wx Mins TWR Pattern

    2-6-5 you shouldn't use it since it isn't an official report. You can forward it to the observer on duty or if the tower does it own values you can use your best judgement. But unless the pilot says their trained as FAA approved observers, their report doesnt mean much since it's not official.
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    Basic Books for Sale

    Non-CTI academy grad and certified controller here, anddoes not endorse this nonsense
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    Schedule it, and try your damndest to get there. I'm not exactly sure how deployments to Europe work, I know it was damn near impossible even with dying family for Marines to get home early in Afghan. But still schedule it and do everything you can to get there...
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    You fax it to the HR region you're wanting. No need to involve your own HR anymore.
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    Top 5 Most Beautiful Towers..

    RNO staring at the Sierra Nevada range