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    RVA Job Openings

    It looks like RVA only wants retirees. Back to the drawing board.
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    6 Months Experience

    Midwest and Serco are the two taking 6 months experience. So far RVA has shut me down.
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    FAA NO EXPERIENCE "OTS" 2019- Planned June 14-17

    If you were appointed before 31, the clock stops for you. I'm 36 and in the application process. I did go to advanced ATC in Valdosta Georgia and got my CTO in the mean time. I will hopefully go prior experience. Good luck.
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    CTO Schools?

    Advanced ATC runs the tower at Valdosta regional. after graduating with my CTO, I was offered a job both working the tower and doing table tops at the school. More experienced instructors work with students on the 1 shift in the morning and early afternoon and I close the tower working...
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    6 Months Experience

    Is your experience pre or post CTO?
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    RVA Job Openings

    Are they still requiring 2 years experience? I got my CTO in November and have been working at VLD since.
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    Military to Civilian Without a CTO

    I graduated from Advanced ATC in November. It's a sure path to a CTO. Call and schedule a tour. 866-938-0398.
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    Question About Plan

    I graduated from Advanced ATC back in November. I now work at their tower in Valdosta. I'm on my way to direct hire into the FAA. If you want a more or less guaranteed route into ATC, then give Advanced ATC a real look. Call Monica Cunningham at 866-938-0398 for questions.
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    Best Route for ATC

    My friend is ATC for the Navy reserves and he doesn't actually do ATC. How can you get checked out in a tower and maintain proficiency one week a month? Advanced ATC is a viable option. I graduated back in November and now work for them. I will be eligible for direct hire early next year. I'm...
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    What Are Some Options for Military Controllers Who Do Not Have a CTO?

    Advanced ATC in Valdosta Georgia offers a CTO program. Call Monica Cunningham at 866-938-0398.
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    Has Anyone Done Advanced ATC?

    Ok, I have now completed the program and have my CTO from Valdosta regional. I am also an employee splitting my time between teaching basic info at the school to new students and working solo at the tower. The program is what you make of it. We have a few students who paid their money and rarely...
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    CTO Schools?

    I am a recent grad and current employee of Advanced ATC in Valdosta, Ga if you guys have any questions.
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    Has Anyone Done Advanced ATC?

    Thank you for the information.
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    Has Anyone Done Advanced ATC?

    These are the little details that I'm trying to figure out. The way they sell it, you do three months of academics and then three months to check out in the tower. After that, you do 6 months in the simulator while maintaining proficiency in the tower. Then you take your CTO checkride. So, the...