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    OKC Dates

    same here and from the sound of it alot of people failed it! they said it would be over a week before i would even get the email that allows your records to be released because they had so many letters that had to go out. makes me wonder if something got screwy in the system. but i wont lie....i...
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    how many times before the HR Reps are bothered?

    The HR ladies are uber-sweet and super busy! Keep in mind that most of them are out of their respective offices the weeks of the PEPC's so don't waste your phone minutes calling over and over again because they are probably not there!
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    Security/Background Investigation

    what happens if a place i worked for went out of business and i do not remember ANYONE there?
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    Security/Background Investigation

    rock... thanks i was getting worried i was going to need to change a bunch of those that vouched for me.
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    Security/Background Investigation

    when you guys say references are you referring to the 3 people that know you well or all those to vouch for you when you lived places? reason being most of the people i used to vouch for me are pilots or FAs and they may be out on trips and not home anytime soon when those forms come in.
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    Current Employment Verification

    indiana is an at will state as well. i did not put my supervisors down on my e-quip because it did not require them. this way the forms go to HR. does anyone think this will screw me?
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    New from Indiana

    so are there any other indy northsiders besides me?
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    What is the FAA employee email address format?

    my dads is and ive seen many others that way too
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    2/27 NY PEPC - Academy Date Yet ?

    what do the forms to the employers actually consist of?
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    Jobs While Waiting.......

    i was a scheduler for what felt like forever and quit due to do some bs upper management.... i miss the scheudling part, not the management side!
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    Jobs While Waiting.......

    are you at nicky blaine's? that is like my favorite place...
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    A Case Against the Traditional Process

    i hope they have their equipment fixed by next week! my insurance is crap right now and i dont want to have to go to my own doctor.
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    Chicago PEPC

    what time are you going on monday?
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    Chicago PEPC

    anyone want to fill out my e-qip for me.... ugghhh
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    Chicago PEPC

    Re: e-QIP for Chicago PEPC i got mine a couple of days ago.... so not motivated to do it though...