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  • Hey.

    I see you recently started at MDW. I verbally received a class date of July 14th for Midway! (hopefully I'll get the FOL soon) Do you have any suggestions or words of advice before going to the Academy/MDW? I thoroughly enjoyed the facility tour I had a few months ago and have heard only good things so I'm pretty excited.
    Hey future, I'm currently in training at RFD and would like to eventually end up at MDW. How's the staffing situation there? Are u guys taking any more dev for next fiscal year. I know one of the girls there is close to checking out. Any info would be appreciated. Thanx!
    Hey man, it sounds like you took my spot. I was origianlly slated for the 27th, but a bunch of medical BS has put me on hold for a while. I was going to be staying at Isola and driving down, and that is still my plan for when I eventually actually go. I'm pretty stoked about going to midway, its going to be a great facility. I wish I could get a job down there until I head out to OKC. Have fun while your down there. I know there is going to be one other MDW guy there that starts the 27th as well.
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