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    5/20/2019 Terminal

    Do yourself a favor and go to basics.
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    Tucson Tower - TUS

    Looking for information on this facility Training program, facility morale, cityscape, overall opinion and anything special one should know? Thanks!
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    RPO Strike 2018

    4 weeks from PAs....I would lose it!
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    Academy Living Advice

    Don’t assume your class is staying at any one place, Check with the providers to see if they have others with your date staying with them. Not a single person from my class stayed at Kim’s place. I’m staying at Isola Bella and am pocketing more per diem $ than you can at any of the other major...
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    7/3/18 Terminal

    I applied during the 7/7/17 hiring announcement and received a TOL 12/27/17.
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    7/3/18 Terminal

    1 week away...anybody out there?
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    Fairbanks Intl ATCT/TRACON - FAI

    Did you make it out there, if so how do you like it?
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    7/7 Non-prior Bid

    I should have said the next closest Terminal class.
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    7/7 Non-prior Bid

    So I am 2 weeks out from my Terminal Basics 7/3 start date and have not been able to find anyone else with the same date on here or Point65. I asked Kim’s Place and Isolabella if they had anyone booked with my date and they both said no. Anyone else Been in a similar situation? Should I just...
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    Housing at Academy

    Does Kims Place have central air A/C or do you need window air conditioners? If you opt for shuttle service on her website but still want to bring a car, will you still have access to a garage or are you placed in houses with no garage? Thanks
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    XBox or Motorcycle?

    I am coming down July 1st and have been thinking about bringing my bike, it would be sweet to have some people to ride around the city with! Bring it with you and ride it there until it sells on Craigslist!
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    XBox or Motorcycle?

    anybody at the academy now with a bike or going to be there this summer with a bike?
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    7/7 Non-prior Bid

    Thanks! Great Lakes. I have several friends in this region and the process seems to move very quickly here. I could have had an earlier date but I purposely delayed appointments as long as I could.