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  • Thanks for replying in a thread I created a whole back. I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome believed to be caused by poor diet. My specialist doctor couldn't figure out what I had, since all test (colonoscopy, ect.) came back normal. I have since got it under control with diet. I am taking no medication. Would I need a special issuance for a second class medical? It's my first time applying. And is Align (probiotic) ok? Does FAA say anything about IBS?
    Hello. My son has a mild pulmonic stenosis. It is a narrowing of the pulmonary valve, causing heart murmur. He has never had to reduce exercise, or take medications. He would like to be considered for Air Traffic Controller, but as we were looking in to the process, we saw that he would be required to pass the medical exam. Can you tell me if this would affect him?
    1). what exactly happens at an "otological consultation"?
    2) it was my understanding that we could have a good ear and a bad ear as long as the good ear was within the parameters, is this true?
    3) I just completed my test and the left ear at 4000HZ was 40 decibels and the right ear is 60 at 4000 HZ. The Dr doing the physical said "I should be fine" Is this correct?
    4) Final question... if this is not passing, will I be able to wear a hearing aid that corrects the right ear?
    @556mm: I am not sure what you are asking me. It is common to have you BP checked, getting a letter from the FAA, or having elevated BP with ATC physical.
    I got a letter about getting my BP retaken on 3 consecutive days, but my BP was not over the limit when I was doing the ATC physical.
    Is this common?
    Dr., I was just diagnosed with glaucoma, and I have a cataract in my right eye. Where does this put me? Does this qualify me for a medical retirement as an ATCS? Would really appreciate your answer. Thanks.
    A co worker of mine was recently diagnosed with diabetes type 2 (oral medication) and lost his medical. How long does it take him to get back to controlling?
    Thanks for the information. I have another question. I need to do a substance abuse evaluation for a DUI from 9 years ago. I am wondering what would be disqualifying. does it need to be complete sobriety or just no signs of abuse or dependency?
    Jchar: Any primary care physician should be able handle lisinopril for hypertension.
    I was put on lisinopril 3 months ago when I was on active duty. I need to do a follow up medical consultaion with prognosis and recommendations. I am seperated from the military and have no primary health care provider. I am wonder how or where I could get this done. I can do it at the VA but it will take a very long time I am wondering about antoher option.
    Thank you.
    I had a Class II today. The EKG automated readout said abnormal then borderline abnormal. The Doctor said it looked normal but that he would forward the EKG's and his opinion forward. Should I expect this to hinder my potential employment?
    @b8seballfreak814: you can get a waiver if you are off meds and are having no symptoms.
    If you started taking Adderall and were perscribed Adderall in college, and quit taking it as soon as you graduated. How adversely would this affect you passing you medical for ATC? I read something about a possible "waiver" or "special clearance"?
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