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  • I was wondering when one would get a waiver for the monocular vision. I have an eye condition where my left eye never fully developed and i have about 20/100 vision in it.
    I have a question related to VA Disability and the FAA ATC Medical process. Does receiving a disability rating from the VA prevent someone from receiving medical clearance? Items for the disability are back injury, tinnitus and minor hearing loss (current levels are still normal, but not at same levels of pre-service). Any insight into this would be very helpful. Thank you.
    You would make an appointment with an AME and bring your notes, lab test, consult reports with you to the visit. The AME will review and forward to FAA.
    How do I set up a Medical examination with the FAA? I have a functional heart murmur that i got checked out with An EKG and echocardiogram and the doctor said i am totally healthy and there are no problems. Im just wondering if the doctor i see will be able to see these results and pass me.
    Captain Hindsight, As long as your blood pressure is treated and in control, it will not be an issue in the FAA's eyes.
    I just had my AME, I had blood pressure of 148/96. After reading, I know that is disqualifying. I take medicine, I had a really bad day for blood pressure. Will I be able to retake my blood pressure or get monitored. Or am I pretty much done getting in to the FAA?
    There will be some investigation as to the cause of your headaches. A lot of the treatments are dysqualifing for them. It is best to see your doctor or specialist and get a diagnosis and treatmetent plan to control this. You will need to submit this to the FAA.
    I was wondering what is involved in getting a special issuance if I have headaches? I have had headaches all my life, but have always checked "no" to that question on the application because they have never been severe or frequent( 2-4 per month). However, it has been 20 years since my last flight physical, and the headaches are now frequent by anyone's definition (2-3 per week) although still not severe. I have had a CAT scan with and without contrast and nothing abnormal was found. Do I have to jump through a lot of expensive hoops to regain my 3rd class medical? (I have never been denied.) Thanks
    Doc Orsak, its Brian Aronson. I just sent you a friend request. Merry Christmas to you, the fam, and your staff. I hope to not see you till I need a flight physical.
    - God Bless
    Question about random sample:
    My turn got delayed 3 or 4 times today because of staffing issues. I drank lots of water in anticipation of test and urinated THREE times before it was my turn. When it was finally my turn, my urine was pretty much clear. The collector commented "wow looks like water". I did not alter and or tamper and I have NEVER used drugs!!!! After researching internet it seems they could accuse me of tampering if not enough creatine in urine????? I filled cup up and it was of course the correct temp. Please comment

    It probably is still your best course of action. There will be a waiting period of one year while on one of the 4 approved medications for depression before you can get a waiver.
    With the new Faa ruling in regards to anti-depressants, I'm wondering how that will affect my current status as I try to regain my medical certificate? My Dr. has taken me off all meds. for over 30 days now and all is going well. I planned to wait the 90 day period before getting a class II physical and then jumping through all the OKC hoops to get a special issuance. Is this still my best plan of action, or can things now be expedited?
    Re your answer that my diagnosis is dysqualifying, does that mean the agency may elect to terminate me or consider me for FERS disability?
    There is usually about a 6 month waiting period after cardiac surgery. If everything goes well, you should not have any problems.
    Hi :) I was wondering if you would be able to speak with me about a medical. I am going up for reconsideration to retain my medical and have to have psychological evaluations to be done. I am needing an extension due to financial constraints and was wondering if there would be a designated area where I could plant myself on the ramp? :(
    I was just medically disqualified from Air traffic controller Cosideration dut to just having bypass surgery. I received a protocol on what needed to be done. In the letter that was sent from the Southern region Flight Surgeon it sounded like she was saying you could not have a coronary issue in the past period and that is not what I am understanding based on protocal that was sent to me. I had double bypass on Sept 9th this year and was hoping they would wait 4 months for me to take the stress test and be qualified. I am in excellent health,
    Please give me your thoughts. She may have disqualified me because the records requested I can't get for another 4 months. I am 55 now and was a PATCO controller back in 1981 who is very excited about the possible opportunity. Maybe I can apply again in February after I obtain good results from the stress test I will take then?

    Thanks Doctor
    Steve Z.
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