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    Still have the en route map? Co worker's nephew is going back to the academy and asked me if I...

    Still have the en route map? Co worker's nephew is going back to the academy and asked me if I still had it. ZJX
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    San Juan Tower - SJU

    dangit man...
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    Enroute Pass Rates

    Washout rate is hire than the expected 25% at an estimated 50%
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    Tell me more about this rumored "Island Locality." More than likely, I'll be moving my family there after finishing up at the academy.
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    Debating Between Facilities, Help?

    Think he ended up at SEE
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    San Juan CERAP - ZSU

    i wasn't implying that you guys keep everyone you get, that would be silly. I know some schools only keep you if they like you as opposed to whether or not you actually prove yourself. Preciate the input. More than likely will be showing up on the facility's doorstep beginning of May ready to...
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    FEB OTS Bid Contacted For Employment

    Pretty sure if you graduate first in the class you get the pick at the entire class. And you can always pick Anchorage, Guam or Puerto Rico no matter what your region is..
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    San Juan CERAP - ZSU

    Oh lawd. Moving forward, how is school there? I imagine it's pretty good because they need to keep everybody they get....
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    San Juan CERAP - ZSU

    Bout 100% sure I'll select ZSU when I finish the Academy 22APR. Still a good spot?
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    Wife And I Traveling To OKC For January Class Date (Housing Suggestions?)

    Last statistic I heard, out of the last 12 students who brought families to go through En Route, 2 have passed. I didn't like those odds and sent my family packing the night before class started. Tough? Yes. However, it would be tougher in four months without a job.
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    What Facility Did You Choose?

    En Route had to choose from ZNY/ZBW/ZMA for Eastern, ZID/ZAB for Central, and ZLC (pretty sure it was ZLC...could be mistaken though)/ZLA for Western. 5/8 who washed were CTI.
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    En Route Map

    Does the old saying "don't count your eggs before they hatch" have any meaning here? Just work on getting to the academy and passing it. They give you a "good" idea of what to expect at your facility to a certain degree. But none of that matters if you don't make it through out of OKC alive...
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    Booking Housing in OKC

    Book now. Don't wait. Look on the training catalog for an end date for your class. It's normally about four months to the date (if you're taking basics and if you're en route) from when you start. Also. Check your spam for your welcome packet...that's where mine went.