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    CID, MLI, SUX, FSD, RFD, AZO, CPR info?

    CID is a great place to get started and to check out. Easy going facility with excellent relationship between management and union. Traffic is light, not too much to do, but if you're starting your career, this is a good springboard for it.
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    Facility Swap Request

    Current:MCI Desired:MKC/DCA/BWI/PHF/ORF
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    Missouri MCI

    MCI - Facility Swap Request
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    Going to Iowa

    try it again
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    Iowa CID

    CID - Facility Swap Request
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    Going to Iowa

    PM Me dude, I'm at CID now
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    Any jobs similar to ATC?

    VATSIM Website Moderator!
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    Going to Iowa

    Anyone else inbound CID? Hit me up
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    Des Moines, Iowa - KDSM

    The cool kids live/work at KCID-Cedar Rapids..... .....srsly we need people though. Level 6 up/down quick checkout, and quality traffic!!
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    Placement of ATC Specialists

    I don't think ALL new hires should be sent to 8's and below either. The VRA/DOD should hold weight. Should those at low level facilities not strive for more in their careers? My thing is, if you put time in the Agency, it should be worth something, right? All I'm saying is I don't agree with the...
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    Placement of ATC Specialists

    Here's my unsolicited 2 cents.. I agree with Doobie's idea. I'm an OTS 2008 CPC in a "level 6 up/down out in the boonies". My experience with ERRs/tranfers so far has been mixed. We've had people go to C90/PCT straight from here and kick ass. We have yet to have anyone fail from our facility...
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    Placement of ATC Specialists

    Deezy what facility you at?
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    Understaffed Facilities!

    Cedar Rapids (KCID) lvl 6 up/down needs people