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    Surveilance Approach

    I misspelled Giants as in the NFL team. Turn left on course, local sports score is.... just so long as its every 10 seconds. Obviously during an ASR/PAR your critical instrument is the radio and as radios don't have indications that they're broken aside from silence, hence the 10 second...
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    Surveilance Approach

    As should have been explained if no communication in 10 seconds execute the missed. On course/left of course/the Guants scored a field goal serves this purpose. Half standard rate is common on final no gyros. Makes the slight corrections easier. 2 miles off is horrendous. Like I'd be fucking...
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    Delay Vectors?

    Request away and do so as early on as you can. I do it often enough to not call it rare. Usually for me it's when the crew loaded too much fuel and are too heavy to land.
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    Bvfr Around El Paso?

    Yes, just call in advance assuming class c has a veil, I can't recall if they do. Total non event.
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    Government Shutdown

    I'd grieve the hell out of that. Easy money.
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    2nd Chances

    I know you didn't mean it this way, but the wording has had me playing scenarios in my head as if prior experience was necessary. Kid goes to a recruiters office. "Hmmmm 3 years of varsity infantry, platoon commander in your high school's tank club, summer internship at the DFAC. Good resume...
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    CTO Schools?

    Just to clarify, CCBC is CTI school that offers CTOs to it's terminal option students. Things may have changed, but when i went through it wasn't a big program. Maybe 16 slots for terminal and 16 for enroute. Banking on a CTO from there is a huge gamble. Even then the only people from there i...
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    Training Failure (needs Advice)

    Fight data is 2154. FIDO amendments and strip posting. 50 TO 70K a year I think FSS in the FAA is Alaska
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    Question for Pilots Regarding Vectors to Final

    Less programing is my guess.
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    Well, Thanks Republican-voting Controllers!

    Soooo did you pass the Bio Q? Just looking to measure your expertise. Also what was your personal experience with the white book? Inquiring minds
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    Well, Thanks Republican-voting Controllers!

    Youre technically correct provided you never transferred and were cpc on labor day 2006. I tend to view years of pay freezes contrary to an immoraly circumvented contract as pay cuts though even if they don't fit the black and white definition.
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    Well, Thanks Republican-voting Controllers!

    This indicates to me you have no clue how the white book impacted controllers and how the pay scales were implimented. Please, counsel me more on something I was present for and you are woefully ignorant about. Hint. It impacted probably 99.9% of the workforce or more
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    Well, Thanks Republican-voting Controllers!

    Reading comprehension fail there. Where did I say pay cut?
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    Well, Thanks Republican-voting Controllers!

    Let's see. The last Republican president cut our pay scales by 30%. This continued for 3 years until a Democrat took office. It happened 10 years ago. Were you actually a controller you might still have that mess fresh in the back of your mind. Good luck in the academy, hopefully the...
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    Hiring Freeze???

    The first 100 days of Trump's presidency. May or may not apply to ATC as some positions will be exempt.