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    2010-2012 Pay Scales

    Depends on what facility...CDW,MMU,TEB EWR...all have the NY locality rate, not sure about the facilities in south jersey and whether they have the philly or rest of US rate
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    New York TRACON - N90

    What sector do u work?...props to the guys in Newark (MUGZY)
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    LaGuardia Tower - LGA

    I like Mr. Prusak...nice guy
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    Tower PV Discussion

    Re: Tower PV Yeah the "humbler" wasn't bad at all, on the other hand the D-BRITE OTS problem was the most challenging (specifically 90 seconds after the D-BRITE comes back online :D)....PV time!!!
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    NY Facilities

    EWR has around 9 developmentals last I checked... I am heading to an EWR satellite airport which in hindsight is cool for the simple fact that it's less busy, I'll be 1 of 2 developmentals (the other is 6 months ahead of me and will check out soon), and I can check out faster than I ever would...
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    NY Facilities

    Not true at'll soon learn what training is all about at facilities
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    n90/jfk/lga whats the deal

    None of the NYC majors are hurting for controllers, it's all luck of the draw. I know of one OTS in my class heading to LGA, two CTIs ahead of me heading to JFK and another person behind me (not sure if OTS or CTI) heading to LGA....I have no idea what is happening at EWR but I know they have...
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    Kansas City Nov. 17-21st PEPC Academy Start Date - Anyone get a start date yet??

    According to the instructors, they are ramping up the max class sizes from 24 to 30 in Level I very soon and I also heard today that Level II training will increase to 3 shifts this summer, I won't be surprised if Level I follows suit...all things considered the waiting period should decrease
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    Washington DC ATC Facilities

    Re: District of Columbia Facilities The District of Columbia is not an option on the geo pref list... if your interested in DCA or IAD select Virginia and specify the corresponding counties (Arlington or Fairfax/Loudoun). For BWI you'll probably have to select Maryland as a state since...
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    does anyone have Maggie's email address

    LOL I saw her in the main cafeteria last week....It's kinda weird seeing the HR reps on the regular at the academy considering how elusive they can be
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    Relocation money

    The FAA only pays for travel from your home address on record to the academy and back so if your permanent address is on the east coast and your facility is on the west coast you are ultimately responsible for getting yourself to the west coast and the FAA does not provide PCS expense...
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    will class start the 18th or 15th of december?

    According to the schedule the 15th is for tower and the 18th is for tracon so you should be good to go
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    December OKC Questions...

    Federal Aviation Administration - Class Schedules Currently there's only 2 published starts dates in December for terminal basics the 9th (my class date) and the 15th but academy dates are always subject to change
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    Re: PUBNAT2 Offer Thread ########## (just testing it out...quite interesting) anyways those PUBNAT2ers heading to the PEPC next week, have fun! It's the best part of the application process, save for getting the FOL :cool:
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    College Transcipts

    From what I've been told firsthand as an applicant from the Feb 08 PUBNAT announcement and going through the PEPC process is that the work/education experience is more of a way determining character and if an applicant is consistent, can stick things through, and shows potential. I was short of...