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    Forgot to mention I'm hoping for BOI. (Since that's where I live.) Anyone else going to Seattle, and testing on the 15th? My folks live there, so I have a place to stay overnight, and Southwest is offering REALLY cheap flights. I'm excited.
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    Got my email today for Seattle. Testing dates there are Dec 15-20. I went ahead and chose the 15th. Good luck guys! :hurray:
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    Old Fokes

    I'm 30... I turn 31 in July. Here's to hoping I get a TOL before then. I'm in PUBNAT 5. :o
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    Yes!! I've got the message too! :willy:
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    where is the pubnat listing posted

    Whoa. I wonder what this would do. I'm an applicant for 5 and 6... Hmm...