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  • o.k. cool. Does that basiclly mean that they might change our facility once we get to the academy???
    hey you got the call also. I did too. got to get some stuff clear with medical expiring but looks like we'll be on the same pipeline. You still going to abilene?
    I was redirected just before getting my FOL. They switched me to another facility because Honolulu didn't have any seats available for the next year
    Saw your visitor message on Admin's profile - in case he didn't get back to you.. i thought I'd just share what I know:

    It's a long process :)

    As of right now the works are gummed up with applicants and pending retirees -

    My time period from ap to FOL was 1 year 7 months.
    hey, whatsup. Just wanted to know your opion on the hiring process. Is it really frozen at this point?
    Not really sure what ABI's staffing looks like, but I do know some of there CPC's bid out on places like AUS, ABQ, SAT, and CRP recently. ABI approach is moving to Dallas at the end of 2012.....so don't by a house!
    Yeah I hear that. I was slated to go to Monroe, La. So my girlfriend go's and finds a job there, and we move. Dumb! I know, not two weeks after we got here I got switched to Abilene. Anyway, hope that you get some good news. I'll keep you posted on what I hear. Later.
    I am almost so relieved. My refresher drug test has to come back before the 29th before they hand me my FOL, although they did send me my packet this weekend.
    I went the traditional route and did most of my testing around the June-July 09 time period.
    I got my TOL in July. I only found out about this class date about two weeks ago.
    I am pubnat6 headed to ZNY.
    I'm thinking your TOL to FOL time really depends on your specific site though, if there are openings there. I'm sure they take from earlier applicants first when it comes to the individual site though.
    Yeah, got redirected. I recieved my TOL in March. First it was after the fiscal year. Then it was late winter months, now my medical expires in March and she told me not to worry bout it til she can get me a class date. This is crazy. Anyway, you?
    17 Months and 2 days as of today. I'm expecting to have to wait at least another year. I got in on PUBNAT 6. There are a few people from PUBNAT 2 still kicking around.
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