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  • Hi Henrytheace. My brother just got picked up OTS for enroute and I was wondering if you have any study materials for basics or enroute that might help him get started. I know its been awhile since you went but hopefully the material hasnt changed too much. Im a veteran and didnt have to go to the academy so I can only help him out so much! Anything would be appreciated. Thanks. Talk to you soon!
    Hey Ace, you seem to be giving a lot of recent posts and I was wondering if you had any idea of what would be projected locations for the end of the calendar year? I'll be starting basics end of July so it'd be around Dec and I know it's far out but figured I'd see if you had any idea.
    Thanks man
    Hello. And congratulations on all your success. Are you still answering questions about what you remember from the academy?
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