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  • you're welcome. Given that you're a marine, you'll probably have the right mentality and be able to take it all in stride. Most of the pot-stirrers are CTI/OTS that have yet to work for anything. That was the main reason for that post - if you work hard enough, you'll get it. My only other advice?

    1. Given that you're a former Marine, try not to fly off the handle or snap anyone's neck. You'll have to suppress this urge that you'll get from instructors and trainees alike!

    2. Remember that when you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on. You will get pissed, but the hard work will be worth it in the end. Good luck.
    I'm OTS... I was in the Marines but I wasn't ATC... I was a bullet sponge. I have two BBAs from UNF, but even so, people on this board make it seem like it is going to be extremely hard.
    Awesome. OKC isn't too bad. I am not sure how they are doing the PV now. I know they were switching some things when our class was on the way out. They were talking about changing non radar and then changing the radar lab around. All in all it is very manageable and not too bad. Do you have prior experience...atc, or pilot? Are you OTS or CTI?
    I finished the academy in August. I am at Jax Center now. I have 1 week of D-School left and then I hit the floor to start OJT on Dec. 21. Where are you in the process?
    I am staying at Kims Place. I emailed and spoke to several different places and I liked them the best plus they stock the kitchen twice a month. Also they only rent to accademy students so there is always study groups and people with the same common goal as us. I already made reservations with her and she is very helpful. Check her out email her or check her out on facebook. Hey also wanted to ask you if you were driving out or flying.
    Yea I actually live in Hilliard. Thanks for the offer but I went a few weeks ago and a guy that I go to church with took me on a tour and showed me around.It is really a pretty neat tour. I can't wait till we all get back and start work. Hey have you decided where you are staying in OK yet?
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