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  • I mean you should do your paperwork while you wait. Read some of the post on Stuckmic you will see what facilities that are full and how many people are waiting to get to those facilities. But facilities like ohara and philly always need people i just heard that they are not hiring for LAX tower until like 2011 or something like that and its people on here that already are hired to work there and have to wait so make sure you pick 5 states and do some research like maybe call the facility to see how there manning is. Good luck/
    You should do your while u wait. I just show the post where someone told you that you should apply 2 years out and i think you should wait until about a year out. And the class dates depends on what facility you are going to. Small facilities and facilities that everyone wants to go to are hard to get to.
    I heard I should do my paper work already while I wait, security etc.. Do you think it will be easy to get a class date days after I get my DD214?
    They do the DD214 paperwork in San Antoino so maybe if that is where u are at you can go somewhere on base and have them speed up the process. Just an idea good luck.
    Also if you get picked up they need your DD214 so you can get the 20,000 bonus
    It takes a while to get picked up by the FAA i would say apply a year to 6 months before you get out. If you apply 2 years before you get out you will probably have to reapply because prior military gets picked up quicker than the kids that just goes to college and then try to get picked up.
    I still havent figured that out yet. You just have to wait for it in the mail. Tried to get mine early but i couldnt. They kept saying that i had to be off terminal leave first and wait in line. Just a couple years ago you would get your DD214 your last day of work but you know how the military is everything changes for the worst.
    the only thing about applying now is that before you can get a FOL or class date or anything they need your DD-214 and if they have to wait for that it will prolong your process. I just got out the military and i didnt get my dd214 until like 6 weeks after my DOS. And the FAA had to wait on me to get it and i missed a class date.
    Hey man...well as long as your hired within two years after getting out of military you'll be good! It should be no problem getting in on time.

    Just a heads up also man I would start applying now also..I know it says you cant apply until your on terminal leave but I started applying about 6 month before getting out and still was out 6 months before getting into the faa! You just cant apply for RMC (Retired Military COntroller) you can already apply to terminal and center positions!

    Also im going to DFW Center but didnt want to go...best thing to do is get into the faa wherever you can, apply to 5 states...then after your fully checked out you can transfer in the system pretty easily

    Life is good. I've been with Midwest for a couple years now. I'm ready to go FAA. After reading all the posts here on SM, I think I might just hang myself!! Haha, I really hope it's just here-say and rumor. SP is here at Al Asad. I just saw him actually, he's put on about 20 lbs of muscle! Just Kidding.. I'm always F'n with him like that.
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