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  • My friend. Black out drunk. It's a term. Not black drunk, that's made up. Also, it was a joke.
    I was referencing to being in Vegas the weekend of cfs, on prime time leave, to visit friends who are going to the conference.
    Since I'm on vacation, I plan on gambling and drinking. It is the Vegas way.

    I think you must have miss read my post, or skimmed it too quickly.

    I hope on your vacation, that you do whatever you feel like... Which may include getting inebriated
    Well, I obviously don't know everything they do, hence the question. Your response to a simple question on my wall makes you sound very ignorant and immature. Instead of being a dbag, next time be "mature", if that's possible for you, and answer the question if able. If not, look over it and keep on going with your life.
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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