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  • I did not network at all, but honestly a ton of people got picked up for California this go around which kind of pissed me off.... Seth Fitzpatrick and Josh Honel got Louisiana and Chelsea Hightower(I think that's her last name) got Oklahoma of all places. I think Bob said one other got Arkansas, but I'm not remembering the name. Bob seemed to think that everything was regional this panel, but obviously not if you got Washington.
    Chad! You got picked up by Washington?!?!?! You lucky dog, I am super jealous. I picked California and Oregon, and Oregon didn't even go to panel this time =/ Congratulations!!!!!
    Hey hotvedt,

    To answer your questions, i like Moses Lake for the work rather than the living/city life. I heard nothing but great things about the facility as far as a place to start out. Is it slow? Relatively yes it is. But there is a great mix of GA (including student pilots), commercial, and military.

    I was also told by alot of current controllers and ATMs that both SeaTac and Center like transfers from Moses Lake since people that come from there have a diverse "toolbox", and know how to work traffic, regardless of its level 6 rating.

    I met the ATM and the supervisors, and some of the controllers there, and it looks like a great place to learn and work. Remember, most dont stay at one facility forever, so you can always transfer. I really look forward to working there, hopefully when i get my FOL it will confirm so.
    I am looking at a CTI school in florida as well, what makes tulsa the best? I also live about 9 hours away so i wiould be living on my own, does the school have organizations to get aviation student together and involved, and would you say the costs were good for 2 regular school years( the program is 2 regular school years isnt it?) Thanks for the help.
    Wow, I didn't even put WA, cause they weren't supposed to be hiring. Well ZSE isn't, nor KSEA. Moses Lake will be nice, many people train there, lots of military traffic, Spokane would be amazing. KBFI would be awesome, more traffic than KSEA, Obama lands at BFI when he visits up here. Lemme know what ya got! CONGRATS!
    If bethel is what you got, do your time there and make a phone call to EGE tower manager if thats what you want. He feels if you can do the work out there you are good enough for EGE. To give you a little inside scoop, I was a seasonal hire and i'm leaving for RIV early. So they will need to fill the slot till april 4th which is when the seasonal slot ends. More than likely you won't get it since they are kind of set on you going to bethel but sit tight then give jerry a call and say you are getting stressed out with the lack of activities to do or something. the girl at EGE got an tentative offer with FAA so she is waiting to get out whenever they pick her up. Im sure by the time they do, you probably have enough time at bethel to transfer to state side again. Now thats if you don't get picked up by the faa or dod while you're putting in your time.
    Nope, i'm at eagle airport, EGE, in gypsum colorado. The bethel job that opened up is because a guy got a dod job at moffet field a navy field in northern california. Usually if you can do 1 year at bethel they will let you transfer to any other serco facility that opens up after your period there. My location isn't the greatest because its such a small town but its basically the highest paid serco job in the mainland. we are all younger controllers here that consist of 2 af, 1 army, 1 navy, and 1 marine. All of us are planning on leaving sometime for faa or dod. Just sitting tight collecting easy money till we get picked up. I'm off to march afb in cali hopfully by new years. Good Luck!
    I saw your post about the CTI associates degree and was hoping you could lead me in the right direction... What school are you going to? What are the pre-reqs? I saw you mentioned a private pilot's liscense...
    I read your post about being an ex USAF Controller. Are you really having a hard time getting accepted with the FAA? I was thinking about going that route and was just wondering what the stumbling blocks were. Thanks.
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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