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  • nope. got passed over during the last VRA and DODREIN announcements. i'm done.
    hoping to leave here. not the end of the world if i don't but ready to move on. i've only got one destination... chicago center.
    trust me... this new batch is by far the worst thing i've ever smelled, and i had little to do with it. one spoonful is enough to clear out the entire facility! so where are you at now? are u out and in the FAA?
    the original hotdish was thrown away around the time geoff left. still, for the next 2 years, i was blamed for every odd stink in the building. now there's a new batch which started with someone's rotten roast beef leftovers went bad in tupperware for 2 months. it's epic!
    sorry houseman! that was your most famous quote that is still talked about to this day. burby had just finished lecturing the 3-levels on addressing him as SrA BURBY, and you walked in and said "what'sup burbster??" classic
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