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  • Any idea how many people are on the waiting list for ZTL? I know you were near the top, HR has never given me a number.
    Hey man, you seem to be the guy on here that knows a lot of info, so I wanted go ask you a quick question. I got selected for TX and am curious about how many terminal vs enroute people they're taking. I'm looking for terminal but will take either obviously, just looking for any help. Thanks..
    Hey ice_cold, i'm currently a student at Middle Georgia College and I was hoping to get an internship at A80. Do you know if they have any interns working there? Are there still RPO positions open there? I really wanted to get an internship and maybe turn that into an rpo gig while waiting on the FAA.
    How many panels have you been waiting for GA ? I was thinking about switching to GA since I have family living down there.
    I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction to aquire the Memphis center map. I was told it is the first one that gets tested at the academy. thank you D. Warchal
    Ehh. You'll make it here before they get around to you. Took them a year just to tell me I didn't make it.
    Hey how's it going? Im riddle CTI as well starting Feb 1. Would you happen to still have those materials? If so could you email? Im assuming they are
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