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    New York TRACON - N90

    Commack, Kings Park, Ft. Salonga all great districts and a mere 30 min drive to N90. I believe the zillow app shows school ratings.
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    Any Navy Controllers on here?

    Sorry to the guy going to Oceana (NTU). That place is a dump
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    Navy controller

    Yes go to sea first. As an E-1 - E3 your at the bottom of the totem pole for training at NAS's. Go to sea, make E5, get the crap duty over with then go to a Navy Approcach control facility. All of the navy approach control facilities are up / down facilities. Meaning you can get tower (CTO)...
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    Norfolk - ORF

    Re: Norfolk - KORF Lots of new hires, lots of retirees over the next few years also. Yes level 9 up/down. Complex operation due to 5 controlled airports within a 20 mile radius. Own up to FL 230 in most sectors. Mix of aircraft. Fun place to work..