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    I'm considering putting in my ERR paperwork here. Does anyone on here work at STL or know of anyone who does?
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    08/13/2013 rtf

    I got Tower Certified on 2/13/13 and I wasn't given this class date til sometime in June if I remember right. Honestly I thought I'd be waiting even longer what with the sequester/furloughs and all that. They have cut down the class sizes and limited the number of classes. Plus, since RTF was...
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    08/13/2013 rtf

    I'll be in that class with ya. Haven't a clue yet where I want to stay, all I know is I'm bringing the family down with me, so it'll more than likely be Kim's Place or Isola Bella, didn't much care for where we stayed last time, although it was cheap and I was able to bank the perdiem! :)
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    Tax Question...

    Howdy y'all! Alrighty, I'm looking for a referral from any controllers on here on a CPA they have used or currently use come tax-time. In particular, I'm looking for someone who knows about the Meal Deduction allowance for Dept. of Transportation/Air Traffic Controllers and knows how to...
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    Clearance to Ground to Tower for flight following

    One other quick point to add... At some towers, even if you specifically ask for flight following to your destination; if your requested altitude is not at least 3,000 (yes, I know VFR is 035, 045, etc...) some controllers (not all, mind you, but some) will still only assign you a local code...
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    I like that!!! I think that would be the most efficient way to handle it.
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    Haha! I realize that my thread sounded like I was tied up in some sort of bitter battle to the death with my trainers... but trust me that was not the case at all! The point behind my asking my trainers was more geared toward using the proper phraseology as I saw/was interpreting it in the book...
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    Alright... I'm looking for some clarification/interpretation from y'all on this. VFR On Top, per the 7110.65 7-3-1. The Phraseology according to the .65 is: CLIMB TO AND REPORT REACHING VFR-ON-TOP, and TOPS REPORTED (altitude), or NO TOPS REPORTS. IF NOT ON TOP AT (altitude), MAINTAIN...
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    Train dispatcher to FAA

    Funny, I'm looking at going the opposite direction you are! I'm currently working for the FAA and looking to switch to Train Dispatching! I couldn't help you out much as far as what making the switch would be like, but I can tell ya about life on the FAA side!
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    Alaska Flight Service offices

    Hey everyone, I am looking for anyone who works/has worked for Flight Service in Alaska (still under the FAA's jurisdiction), or who knows anyone there. I am looking at transferring up there and would like to get a hold of some contact information for managers, etc. I would be transferring as an...
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    Thanks, and see ya.

    Rosta - It's been great having you around! Sorry to have to see you leave under these kind of circumstances, but also completely understandable. Thanks for all the awesome and funny posts throughout the past few years. Best of luck with your career! Feel free to stop by every now and then and...
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    Article 67 Question - Training

    Okay, so here is the direct quote from the Red Book Article 67, Section 3: "If an employee's developmental training is interrupted for thirty (30) days or more, the employee shall be granted sufficient training time to attain the level of proficiency he/she had at the time of the interruption...
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    MBS - Saginaw MI Tower/Tracon

    Does anyone have any information on Saginaw tower? I know they were a level 6 that got downgraded to a 5. I am considering putting in an ERR for there. Thanks!
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    Internet Quality at Winchester Run?

    I stayed there a year ago. Pretty nice place. Internet speed was fast. They provide a cable modem and ethernet cord. However they do not offer wireless. So if you want wireless, you should bring your own router. Also, the ethernet cord is pretty short, so if you don't care about having wireless...
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    Tower Position Relief Briefing

    (12) VERBALLY STATE RUNWAY STATUS; unavailable, closed, occupied. We pretty much do that at the beginning of the relief briefing. We state the current ATIS code, then the runways in use. Ex. "Yankee, 23, 17" then go on with the rest of the briefing. Some people have suggested we just get away...