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  • Hey if you get a couple mIn today.. I'd like to pick your brain for a couple min.. Let me know.. Thanks!

    I sent you my number on a PM.

    It's currently 2:04 pm
    Hey Lady! I hear a LOT of people are coming to ZAU over the next few months! Are you one of them?
    I got the 2br. That should be ok right? Either way.. It's probably all I can afford so I guess we'll have to make due. Thanks for the heads up though.. I sure am excited!! :)
    Hey, do you know if Winchester Run allows pets, it doesn't appear as they do, but was hoping I was wrong, as I would really like to stay there...
    Hey, how did LH contact u about a class date phone/email?? Also, did the security people contact u to tell you that you were clear or anything? Thanks! Congrats again by the way .. It's been a long time for us!! :)
    I can't believe we haven't seen much movement from ZAU. Just the one guy from the 11/14 thread.. he said he was going to basics on 10/12 .. he never answered my ??'s about when he received a TOL.. kinda makes me suspect.. either way, I thought for sure the usual people on here would have said something about a Nov or Dec class date by now.. you have any insight?
    Hey lady! Just checkin in on ya! From reading your one of your posts in ZAU dates, you got a letter huh? YAY!!! Keep me posted on the details!
    I guess it's a win-win situation. If you don't get hired, you save on rent. And if you do get hired, the fee to break your lease'll be the last thing on your mind.
    I am an ATC at I90, Houston I work with a girl that got hired OTS 12/6/1991. She turned 50 this past October, and she was hired 12/6/1990. That means she was born 1959, and she was already 31 when she got hired and went to OKC in Dec 1990 after her 31st B-Day.

    I asked her how she did it, she said because she had already passed all the tests, she had basically been hired prior to her 31st birthday, even though she hadn't.

    Call the number on your app, get a name, talk to them, make them your friend, and call them monthly. If you become someone they think of everyday, then maybe they will help you.

    If you have already taken the tests, AT-SAT, medical, psyche, security and just haven't been hired, then get on the phone, call them and beg them for a job. Tell them that you need to be hired before your 31st B-day, and hope they help you.

    Good Luck,
    Tina ATCI90
    Hey, thanks for the link to Federal Soup. I was gonna add rep to it, but I can't remember where you posted it... soooo.... yeah. Thanks!
    I'm going to take a tour as well in May, yay! Can't wait to meet the folks I'll be working with and get a feel of the facility. So are you hoping for radar or tower?
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