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  • Do you know how much ramp controllers make? I'm a contract tower controller, and may lose my Class 2. Is it comparable to a contract tower hourly wage? (about 25-28 per hour based on location)
    Good shit Irish, DAB is full of GA traffic and a nice spot to fly I bet. Yeah man im headed there and can't wait. GL with the process and be sure to hit me up sometime bro!
    good shit at least your staying on top of what u can. I PV'd a couple days ago so Im home right now. Ill be going to FL this weekend and starting Monday morning. Cant wait!
    Irish, whats been up bro? Havnt heard from u in a minute. Any good news on getting your FOL yet or guesstimate of an OKC date?
    I didn't realize that you lived in The Woodlands. I used to live off of 45 and Sawdust, in some apartments behind that big furniture store there. Used to ride to work every day... miss living there, but my wife was trying to go to college and, as you know, there's really not much there. Or any people between 20-29, either.
    I see you are from Houston. Twenty years in Houston area with 14 being at Conroe. What is the story on the Cessna?
    Are you a golfer?

    The RedBaron
    Do you see names on the list, if I was to give you my name can you check?? I have not received anything yet from the FAA?

    Thanks, not sure if this is premature but who knows! I am dying to hear from this!
    Hey Irish i was wondering if i can just get a little coaching for the AT-Sat.. I have been studying the applied math problems and I will get them down pat soon enough. Now as for jeremy Justice website (atcsim) Is this almost exactly the same thing as the one on the AT-Sat... meaning same buttons and same concept (I am aware of the different time factor of every 6 seconds) Are both his games on the test? And can you give me any sources to practice the letter factory. Thanks in advance!
    ya bro, if you could, i'd like to speak with you on the phone and have you update my applications, i could give you my name and password and stuff hopefully to make my stuff look good, PM me back and i'll give you my number and stuff so you can call me and we can talk.
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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