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    Enroute Results

    Who is the 14th spot, going to anchorage? Your total adds up to 13
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    HWD - NCT Swap

    Put in an err, they may still take ya
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    N90 OTS Announcement

    Hopefully your dates are flexible. Do you not understand if the gov shuts down, all dates move back at the academy? I wouldn’t sign anything until it’s for sure some sort of deal in place. What are you guys thinking? I brought this up earlier, and no one seems to have taken it to heart. Just...
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    Article 30 Prenatal/Infant Care Interpretation

    Why don’t you just fill out the fmla paperwork?
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    Visual Approach

    In the USA, However far they want...a visual is not to be compared to any instrument approach OR profile. They can do whatever they want
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    N90 OTS Announcement

    Nothing is EVER a given. Welcome to the government
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    N90 OTS Announcement

    They passed a CR? That isn’t true yet... The Senate passed it, I thought it still had to go to the house and needs Trumps signature
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    Special VFR

    I have cleared an rj200 for special vfr twice in my career at LBB, both were test flights. If the max in the UK is 140 knots, you actually could still have an rj 200 qualify, as max landing weight is 139 knots at 44700 lbs. Even an rj700 would qualify, at an even slower 135 knots at 66000 max...
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    Special VFR

    Ok. So you asked the question, didn’t answer where you were, and already know the answer. Is this supposed to be a teaching moment?
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    Special VFR

    Traffic permitting....Sure. Why wouldn’t they be able to?
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    I took your survey. I question your goal. Dealing with pilots who I can’t understand and who can’t understand me is a problem, but pilots are required to learn what I am telling them using prescribed phraseology. If I am busy, the last thing I need is a pilot who I can’t understand, and who...
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    Part-time / Job Share GSP, AVL, CLT

    It is. I’m not sure about new hiring as one, but I know of 3 people from separate facilities all have done it at one time, although they have all been exsisting employees and have all had curious circumstances. Good luck
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    N90 OTS Announcement

    I don’t know much. True. Maybe you misunderstood me, I was thinking 60% was WAY to high, that’s the passing rate of ZMP right now, and n90 is quite a bit more difficult than here....I took a tour there when I was thinking of transferring there instead of here from my little up/down I was at, and...
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    N90 OTS Announcement

    Anyone know how many are actually getting hired? Heard from a friend there they are already knee deep in trainees, and when the next few waves hit, dates to even start class will be pushing 2-3 years. Someone else had said they are projecting a 60 percent pass rate, which has to be a joke, right?