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  • Hey Xray. Yes I am currently in Basics, going on the 3rd week. Basics is pretty easy, especially if you're CTI. Its all review. I'll let you know how Initial is when I get that far. When do you start, or do you know yet? I'm staying at Isola Bella, so I couldn't tell you about Kim's. I do know that IB offers courtesy cars for 2 hrs or daily rentals.
    Hey bud did you enroll in AT basics ? Would love to hear how the PVs are and also are you staying st Kim's place ? Dos they still offer a car to students ?
    Sorry, I swear its impossible to keep my inbox clear lol. (Who decided to only allow 5 messages TOTAL?) But yeah, if your prescription has changed, you'll just have to get it updated. I don't have glasses, but I also haven't had my eyes checked in probably a decade. Lol. My vision is still good, but I don't know if it's 20/20. So I guess I'll find out soon.
    oh ok luckily my blood pressure is normal.. I think I need to go make an appt with my optometrist my eyes arent bad but I did have glasses for night driving and sitting far away in class lol. I just want to make sure my prescription hasnt changed. I think I read somewhere that they had to get updated prescription to be cleared?
    Oh crap! i totally didn't realize it was supposed to be done in 10 days! OMG! that means I NEED to finish it tonight! I guess I didnt read it well with all the wedding stuff. But you got your a day or 2 before me so i probably have a little longer. But i need to mail it out ASAP. did you even try mailing out what you had? Im anxious as well for a class date! But i have feeling to not get one until december...
    PART 2. hahaha

    Anyhow, FAA question not sure if you know anything about it. I know I was reading on here that you go out of pocket for the first month before being reimburse our per diem but do we get the whole $98/day even though lets say I only spend $35 on lodging and $25 for food and misc.? does that question make sense? lol in short do we get the whole $98 or do we only get back what we spent by providing receipts? Because I feel like there were mixed comments about this, some were saying you need to provide receipts and some were like well if you find somewhere cheap you can pretty much pocket the rest. and one last question do you have any facility your hoping to get? :)

    I feel like we should just exchange numbers! haha it said your inbox was full again! lol
    Hey Brandy,

    Your message wasn't too long I agree it will be nice to get to know each other before getting to the academy. Thank you for that message though it was kind of inspiring made me feel good about going to the academy, sometimes reading these forums makes you feel less confident, there are some mean people out there. lol. OMG yes I felt very similar after taking the ATSAT!. haha I forgot if you said your dad was retired already but was he at mccaran airport? Was he enroute or terminal? My dad worked at the tower for a little bit after he retired. So are you still going to CTI this semester? Are you ever in las vegas? Im obviously there a lot to see my dad.

    There is a part 2 to my message lol ill post it as another message since i exceeded the limit of a visitor message. lol!
    Hi Brandy! So do you have any experience? Im purely OTS 21 yrs old will be 22 next month. My dad was an ATC in the military so he is the one that got me hooked! I heard a lot of good things about kims as well and it says you really make good friends with your room mates and it seems like it would be nice being around people that have the same goal you know? and live in study group! haha

    It said your inbox was full so i sent you a message here! lol. stupid thing only allows 5 messages. haha
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