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    Can Someone Explain This?

    Still confused as to why its listed under Air Traffic Control Specialist Trainee. Seems misleading, especially if there's no possibility of being able to ERR into ATC.
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    Alternative Housing?

    I've stayed at both Isola Bella and Walnut Gardens, and found both to be decent. Advantages to IB is you're more likely to have classmates there, its on the shuttle route, it has a gym (if that matters to you), and the food is included. But Walnut is much cheaper, and it's a lot closer to the...
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    TOLs from June 2017 Bid

    Yeah, because searching for "TOL" certainly won't pull up hundreds of posts right? Lol. And there's nothing to answer, she didn't ask a question. This thread could just be for those who got TOLs (such threads have been made for past bids). People in the 7/7 bid thread are already getting annoyed...
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    7/7 Non-prior Bid

    Well this thread is not titled "TOLs" so I'm pretty sure people can post whatever they please as long as its in regards to the 7/7 bid.
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    TOLs from June 2017 Bid

    I'd argue that it makes it less confusing. If you don't come on the forum very often, and you log in to find a thread that's 100 pages long, do you really have the time or desire to wade through all of that? It's no wonder people ask the same questions that have already been answered. Some...
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    Are Fidget Spinners Allowed in Class at the Academy?

    A lot of guys in my class started dipping.
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    7-7-17 Bid ATSA Question

    I believe you can use your previous score, though I don't know how you would go about doing that. I did not see instructions on how to waive taking the test, so maybe you can't. Regardless, my personal opinion is that it would be best to re-take it anyway. You may have passed previously, but...
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    2nd Chances

    It doesn't make sense to me why the FAA would pay for someone to take the ATSAT or ATSA if they already know there's no chance of hiring that person. The odds of getting rehired definitely aren't great, but if there was truly a rule that barred washouts from employment, why even let them...
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    2nd Chances

    I went to a community college, took advantage of financial aid and paid basically nothing. Only thing I had to pay for was my books, most of which I bought used off of Amazon, so I spent maybe a few hundred bucks total over the course of two years. I agree it's a bad idea to go into debt for a...
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    Any Thoughts on Walnut Gardens Apartments?

    I'm not a student, but I'm currently staying at Walnut Gardens while I work at the Academy as an RPO. I like it here and it's pretty affordable. A lot of instructors stay here. Not as many students. My recommendation would be to stay where the majority of your classmates are staying to make...
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    For Those Without TOLs

    The FAA way is not going to be the same as the Navy way, and the Academy way is not going to be the same as an actual facility's. What they are looking for are people who are able to conform and learn/follow the rules. A former military controller at the Academy needs to forget everything they...
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    For Those Without TOLs

    I was speaking to an instructor at the Academy and he also mentioned something about a second list being created for this bid. Of course there's always rumors and misinformation floating around so I would take it with a grain of salt. But at least there's some hope lol.
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    2/24 Patriots Email

    Based on how a lot of other CTI grads talk, it would seem many of them do not share your optimistic outlook lol.
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    Pool 1 CTI No TOL

    Wondering the same thing. It would seem if they had "qualified" and "well qualified" bands they would let us know which one we scored into.
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    ATC - OKC Facility - A Little Insight Please

    Search the threads. You'll find the answer.