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    09/07/2001 rtf

    I stayed at walnut gardens last time around and really enjoyed it.. havent really decided for this time yet..
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    09/07/2001 rtf

    I'm in this class also
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    Walnut Gardens - Review

    I stayed in the efficiency here and absolutely loved it.
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    Recent Isola Bella reviews

    +1 123456
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    CTI Referral List for October Panel

    Yep. You spent wayyyyyy too much $$$ at embry riddle.
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    New York TRACON - N90

    Super honest, actually.
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    Recent Isola Bella reviews

    Re: The real deal Everyone in my recent class in august/september as well as myself hated isola. There were weird things going on there (dead birds/animals around, a bad smell coming from the lake, etc.., the staff was very demanding with regards to recieving payment, its hella far from the...
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    General PV Discussion

    you forgot what might be the most important tool to use if needed... "GO AROUND."
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    Dress Code for the Academy

    Just dont be that guy who waltzes in the security building conference room the first day where everyone meets at 6:30am and busts out the tie.. Seems like every class has that one guy who always does it. We had a guy do it in our class and i gave him crap about it all the time. A nice pair of...
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    11/19/10 Terminal

    It's phrased by attorneys.
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    Tower training "must knows'?

    They will teach you everything you need to know. The most important thing IMO to really nail down was aircraft types. They give you a sheet like the 2nd day of class. Learn their weight class and category, for wake turbulence and same runway separation, respectively.
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    Family at Kim's Place

    Im at walnut gardens. I was never at isola.
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    Family at Kim's Place

    good choice on kims. some of my classmates stay at kims. all have good things to say. way better that than isola bella. everyone in my class that stays there hates that place, as do i.
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    11/19/10 Terminal

    stay at walnut gardens. im here right now. heres why: its 25$ a day for a studio/efficiency. more than enough room for me. plus I bank a ton of per diem. Just to let you guys know a lot of people in my class do not like isola bella. they did not return my calls when i tried to inquire about...
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    DANIEL TOSH (Tosh.0) in OKC!

    There were. Mine was one of them. Mysteriously gone...?