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  • Hey, I noticed you attended Utah Valley.. I was wondering if you could tell me how that went? I'd like to do the online program if possible for the Aviation Management BS. I'm wondering if I can do it all from home in WI and not have to travel to the campus..

    Some contractors will train you. I know Robinson has some sort of way of doing this, but I know nothing about it. Either way, good luck, and let us know how it goes.
    There's a thread going on about online CTI schools right now... did you start it? If not, take a look.

    If online doesn't work, I know moving sucks, but look at CCBC (the Beaver County one... apparently there're two CCBC's with a CTI program). It's in Pennsylvania, I think. It's a small community college, in a small town, but you can get through CTI there in a year's time. It was what we were considering when we were worried that I'd have to go CTI in order to make it in time.

    And don't forget about contract employment. I don't know the area that well -- although I did fly through both ROC and BUF just recently -- but there may be somewhere near by for you. If not, well, it's not like you weren't prepared to move sooner or later anyway, right?
    Glad to hear you're considering CTI instead of just quitting the process. It's the same thing I'd do... for that matter, I considered doing it several times after the AT-SAT as well, along with the school down in Denton, Texas (don't do that one, please).

    Hope it works out. Didn't realize you went to UVU. You LDS? DFWLVR is. I'm an RM but ex-LDS.

    Speaking of UVU. Did you know the guy on JetCareers from there that passed away in a crash recently?
    hey man
    I was in the same situation as you just a little younger. I have a 4 yr aviation flight science and CFI/CFII/MEI. I got laid off at Comair last Jan. I went to Green River CC in auburn, WA just south of seattle. I was living in BUF, NY. The reason I went to GRCC was money and the timeing. I only paid about $10 more a quarter hour than in state students and I started in Jan. grad. in June. I paid close to 3000 dollars in tuition. You are really pushing it with being 29 thou. Also find out if you will be able to take the at-sat again too. The rules on that have recently changed. It use to be you could take it 2 times if you had a yr between the attempts but you need to look into that. If you cant retake it I would not go for it. There are too many applicants. If you have any question let me know.
    Hey! I was planning to fly to Anchorage and then up to Fairbanks. I've got 4-5 days off for my trip, and it seems there's a ton to do around ANC, but since I have my TOL for FAI I want to check out that area more thoroughly (while there is daylight left in the day!). I'm sure I'll be trying to go back again, and it's always nice to have more travel buddies. What airline do you work for?
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