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    Geo prefs out in june or july now!!

    Well if you have the time in your logbook some of the airlines have started taking applications again........
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    Air Traffic Control Specialist, Flight Services Trainee (AK residents only)

    Just wanted to give anyone in AK a heads up that there looking for FSS people......I was going to apply but it says AK residents ONLY! It worth a shot with the ATC hiring at a standstill..... Here's the link if your interested.... USAJOBS - Search Jobs
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    January Panel Canceled

    Re: January Panel Cancelled Unfortunately......I second that. OTS is done. If they cant even get pubnat 4/5/6 people (maybe even some 2/3) into OKC why would they even start to take 7 or 8? They stopped after taking CTI's/OTS vet's at the last panel there is just no need anymore for staight...
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    Post your Test Scores!

    It means something to me who scored a 83.5 on it and now have to go behind everyone that is WQ.
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    Air Traffic Assistant

    Nope......definitely not giving in! As much as I hate the FAA I would love to work for them in some way or another. There will be more job postings to look at tomorrow. Just keep plugging away at this thing.
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    Air Traffic Assistant

    Well just got a letter in the mail stating that I was not put on the referal list for this position. They are only taking people with veterans preference at this time. Oh well, try try again for something else.
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    Post your Test Scores!

    I'm one of the outcasts in the Q group. Stuckmic is a awesome site with great people and I still love this place even if I only have a .0000000001% chance of getting picked up. I was pissed the day I got my score, but then I thought, even if I had gotten a WQ my chances of getting picked...
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    Will a Qualifed Score get picked up?

    Guam, Did you take a tour of the facility there in Guam? If so how was it? Do they need people? Maybe I will put Guam as #2........
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    Is Alaska taking qualified scores from PUBNAT 8

    As the above said this is a question that only could be answered after the panels meet. I only got a "Q" and AK is going to be my #1 so I will tell you what happened as soon as I can.
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    Geo prefs out in March

    Re: Geo prefs out in march Oh.....white castle sounds so good right now! To bad there's none around here. I will have to see whats in the fridge. Most likley nothing good!
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    Geo prefs out in March

    Re: Geo prefs out in march I think I'm on my 7th or 8th labatt blue.
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    Geo prefs out in March

    Re: Geo prefs out in march Come on...its 130a. I've had a long day and one to many to drink. I was just being.......stupid!
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    Post your Test Scores!

    Maxwell.....I hear ya there about procrastinating! I have been in the airline industry since 2001 and wish I had known about the OTS sooner! I would have put in my application asap if I had known about it. Now look at me...I'm a pubnat 8'er with no hope! At least you got WQ...I got a F'ing...
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    Geo prefs out in March

    Re: Geo prefs out in march Did you really think that geo prefs would be out come Jan 1st? At the rate things are going I wouldn't be suprized if out geo prefs are next fall. Lets start a pool! I say sept. 31st.
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    I bombed the AT-SAT

    I don't know about getting to Alaska with a 70. I have recently sent e-mails to some of the facilities asking about staffing and the ones who got back to me are saying that staffing levels are starting to get to where they want them to be. So it seems like Alaska is not a shoe in anymore if...