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    Retiring Early(er)

    I strongly recommend you put in at least the minimum 20 good ATC years. This puts you at 34%. I just retired myself at age 52 after 28 years of service for 42%.
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    OJT Training Priority

    ^^ This is correct^^ Whomever is closest to checkout has traditionally been given least at N90, but it makes sense to do that everywhere.
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    Philly Tower PHL

    Congrats! You get to harass November Echo on the landlines now! :P
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    Philly Tower PHL

    Are you finally headed for PHL?
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    2020 Yr. Academy Schedule

    Getting sent somewhere else would be for the best at this point. Like NE mentioned, we are swamped with trainees to the point that the last groups that got here have to wait close to two years just to go to the sector class. You'll be stuck in flight data limbo in the meantime.
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    Request IFR Clearance to Climb to VFR Conditions

    Yeah, like Stinger said it's not uncommon to issue a local IFR for a VFR aircraft looking to go through a cloud layer and then continue VFR. Like he said, just mention what you're looking for in the request.
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    Any Info on Charlotte ?

    Good luck getting in there....It's one of the most sought after level 12's in the country.
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    Busiest Facilities That Are NOT 24/7

    Give me all your mids!
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    Yeah, being in NY or anywhere else has no bearing on what happens. It's a national policy, and nobody is getting preferential treatment based on location, or anything else. Like NovemberEcho said the two controllers in the EWR area that got caught last couple of years both were off the floor...
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    I would imagine for a tower job you'd need the CTO. Since I've never worked at a tower I would never apply for a tower job. I'd only consider radar positions.
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    I'm retiring in 5 months, and even though I have no plans to work again I'm curious to see what's out there.
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    N90 OTS Announcement

    It may sound like a great idea but trust me, the last thing all you new guys need is plastering on social media stuff that can and will be used against you..........
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    N90 OTS Announcement

    I think the other areas are doing the mandatory 6 as well, though they don't do the 6x10 hour days we are doing in the EWR area.
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    N90 OTS Announcement

    Our top guy grossed over $400K this year, so yeah...there is potential!