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    Any Idea On The Next Announcement?

    I think that is a good idea charging a application fee. That way the FAA might be able to test more people on the AT SAT since it was partially subsidized by the applicant.A lot of state jobs charge an application fee here in the tri state area. Shit i may have spent close to 200 dollars in...
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    How Many Potential Canidates Are to Be Hired?

    maybe 800 i think. For some reason a lot of people here are assuming that no one has a Bachelors Degree and is unqualified.I know for a fact that many Vaughn graduates are applying and a good majority of them have Bachelor's degrees.I was at Rutgers University last week and word got around that...
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    The Opinion Article on the WSJ: The Fall of the College

    I don't think ITT Tech and Devry is ABET accredited though so that is what most employers look at. I have some friends who went to Johnson and Whales University and got degrees in engineering and can't find a job because most won't take their degrees seriously because it's not ABET...
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    ATSS posting closed in USAJOBS

    Do you have to go to the Academy for training if chosen? I have a friend who graduated from Vaughn 2 years ago and got hired as an ATSS and i don't remember him telling me he had to go to the academy. Granted he has a Bachelors Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and i know at Vaughn we...
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    Any VRA Panels After 15 Jan 2013?

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ America owes Native Americans for taking their land therefore they owe you a job. TO be honest if you put down Native American i think it would attract attention.I mean how many ATC are Native American i think it will definetly help you.
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    Any jobs similar to ATC?

    Re: What Other Jobs Are Available to a Controller That Are Similar? Just check maybe once a week on MTA.INFO/Careers usually they pop up the announcements. Train dispatcher jobs in MTA are usually hard to get from the general public not impossible but hard. I have a friend who was a veteran...
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    Any jobs similar to ATC?

    Re: What Other Jobs Are Available to a Controller That Are Similar? NYC MTA pays around 60 to 75 k for it's train dispatchers you usually don't get overtime though. Rail conductors another alternative pays around 45k to 60k but you get a lot of overtime it's not uncommon for some of these...
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    Hiring in 2014 and Beyond - Not a Rumor

    I think that they will hold one panel every year and off that panel hire the 1000+ controllers that they need for the year it would make sense this way I think.
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    Quick Summary of All the New ATC News?

    Yes Aviation degree can be an advantage and i think it should. What i meant was a Degree in Air Traffic Control probably will have the same weight as someone with a degree in Air Craft operations or Aviation Management.CTI degree as in Air Traffic Control Degree looks like wont provide much...
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    Details of New Hiring and Fate of CTI Schools.

    1. If you are in a Bachelors program then i would recommend transferring to another program either in that school or another school. If you are getting an associates degree then finish off get the degree at least you have something and transfer into another program. 2. The FAA is not allowing...
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    OTS Bid 2014- AT-SAT

    The new AT SAT will now include an advanced math course section in which you will have to solve endless differential equations using an abacus no calculators allowed.For example give the solution for
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    Quick Summary of All the New ATC News?

    You forgot to mention that CTI programs were basically kicked in the nuts also and really wont provide any type of hiring benefit against someone with another degree.
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    So What Was the Environment Like the First Day of School for CTI Students?

    I give you props in grinding it out and hopefully it works out for you. As of right now there is no new student cti form so there's no way to even be considered a CTI student now. Like someone said before i think it will now be just an air traffic control degree and just that no hiring advantage...
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    So What Was the Environment Like the First Day of School for CTI Students?

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ That to risky for me lol, going to school for CTI in hopes it comes back 2 years from now.