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  • Right on. I didnt fill out the health benefits or the beneficiary one. Were suppose to wait to submit those in okc right?
    I got all my paper work filled out. Not sure if i did them correctly though. Keep me posted with your status.
    I switched to kims just to be safe. I know its all up to the individual but any chance to up my odds at not washing out i will. If you stay at iso we can still definitely meet up and do study groups. I know youll have guest, ill have guest also but when they come hopefully whoever i stay with will be cool with visitors. If not ill just rent them a hotel room.
    Hey I totally agree, though I think uwcollegedude has a class date about a week before me (my class date is July 20th) - not sure if that would matter much study group wise or not.
    thanks. If you all are staying at ISO. I'll stay there also. So far only 1 person is at kims for our class. she did Mention 3 guys in basics staying there at the moment and she thinks they will meet up with our class.
    Im kind of in the same boat. I like the privacy of a one bedroom because ill have visitors but im hearing mixed reviews about isobella. Either people love it, or they hate it. If i cant find roomies for kims or if no one from our class is staying there ill default to isobellas. I havent reserved yet but i think we need to, to ensure there is space for us. I dont think it cost anything.
    and do you know what our last academy day would be I think its october 3rd but i just want to make sure?
    I emailed her and she is working on them now. She said she can only send it out 8 weeks in advance but shes backed up. Decide on a place to stay yet? Im thinking kims place for me.
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