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  • Ya he said about 3-4 weeks although people get it much more faster. I mean the interview went well, I just dont know. Other than that he didnt know anything else. Who are you interviewing with?
    Ya I had mine on the 11. But I havnt got anything yet. Also I didnt get to take a tour. So Iam a little worried.
    If you used the search function, you'd get more than enough information. We let people ask the same question as long as it isn't already in an active thread, but believe me, anything you could think of asking has already been answered a hundred times over. Don't worry, man. You'll get all you need in the current thread.

    About ZOA and ZLA, it was kind of a toss up. Pay was similar, housing costs weren't too far off (little bit more pricy in the Bay), workload was roughly the same. In the end, we went to the one that we knew would have weather we'd like more.

    Hope you end up pleased with what they'll assign you to. There's always transfers down the road if it's not ideal...
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