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  • Wow I just went through the same thing you did! My wife and I are on vacation in Disney, after I read your first message this morning I emailed her and got the same response you did. Then, later this afternoon she called me and put me in the same class! Sounds like we will be doing all of our training together! Congrats on the class date finally, see you in October!
    I think I broke my F5 button by hitting refresh too many times. I bet they are going to assign all of the Enroutes first and then take care of the Terminals. The only good news is that NO Terminal people have gotten notices yet, so we haven't gotten passed over quite yet haha. Good luck to you!
    I have to ask, how are you on flight data strips and simulators? I went to Vaughn where we spent very little/ NO sim time, and compared to other CTI people, I feel really behind the ball on this one.
    Yeah thats my feeling as well. I work at a car dealership now and all the union means is that the techs don't have to work as hard because they're protected. Sounds like NATCA is the real deal though so I will most likely join as well. Have you heard anything new yet? I know some union reps already know the FY2013 numbers for their facility. I'm not very good at this waiting thing haha.
    Hey you got a hold of our NATCA rep? Are you joining? I've been thinking about it but have been hesitant because of my experience with Unions in the past.
    I do live in CT, but I don't really have any contacts at BDL. I interviewed there with our (hopefully) future manager, but he says HIS "bosses" are in charge of hiring and his hands are tied. whatever that means haha
    I'm not sure yet because I haven't gotten my FOL, but I do know they are desperate for people both in tower and TRACON. The guy they picked up for TRACON is working in OKC now, and is also RTF so all of his clearances were done before the panel even started haha
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