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  • So your one of the three that will be coming then. Do you know the other two? P80 does not have a D1 level after getting flight data and one sector you get D2. Getting there really depends on a lot of factors, number one of which is how many people come back and start learning another sector. Number two is how well you are learning and improving on everything. But just to give you some sort of time line it takes about 10-12 months to get your first raise. When you get here be prepared to do a lot of self study and if you have any questions about what you should be doing just ask a fellow trainee.
    hey there, sorry I have not got back to you in a while. As for your last question the veterans are extremely helpfull as long as you have a good attitude and show how much you want to do this job. Now that does not mean that all of the veterans/trainers are like that some can be very harsh and given the chance will make you look like a dumbass in front of everyone. That is probally how it is every where you go. I see your in OKC now, we just recieved our latest trainee and I think he is about to hit the labs. When are you expected to arrive up here?
    The amount of time in labs depends on two things; the first being how well you are learning and showing progress and the second is how many people come back from the tracon to get thier next position. If you are not showing progress then it will take a while or they may even elect to skill check you to see if you will stay in the program. When people come back to get their next position they will take priority over anyone getting thier first position.

    I have not heard anything about going to 4-10s, though that would be kinda nice. Most people have to work over time here even after getting checked out in just one position.

    I am OTS, how bout you?
    You can take the maxx line, and it is paid for by the FAA, the only bad thing is it will take over an hour from Hillsboro/Beaverton. We currently live in Orenco Station inside Hillsboro, we have a Maxx line, grocery stores, and restraunts all within walking distance. We are renting a condo there but there are a few nice apartments/condos around this area. Nexus apartments is right next door and behind them is another set that looks nice as well. There is also club 1201 which is a townhome community in which someone may have theirs for rent.

    Your schedule when you first get here is M-F 6:30 to 3:00, then when you get out of the labs it goes to whatever your primary trainer does. Usually 2 night shifts and 3 days.
    The facility is smaller than you would expect and we are located in the terminal of the airport so you don't have to bring a lunch everyday. We have 4 sectors and flight data positions to get checked out on. We are not a very busy airport, but we do have our times of arrival and departure pushes. The airspace is more complicated than most facilities because of the MVAs, LOAs, and satalite airport operations. Training is a little backed up with about 15 trainees right now so we have all had to wait our turns (it takes a little while). We have a really good Raytheon training team that is made of retired P80 controllers and all of them are extremely talented but extremely demanding. They expect 100% because the flying public does.

    had to do it in two post because i was limited to 1000 characters per post.
    A little long but there is some usefull info...

    I am really enjoying Portland and all there is to see around here. My wife and I currently live in Hillsboro and we really like the area, however it is about a 30 min commute but the traffic is not bad. If your single I would suggest living in Gresham or in vancouver because a lot of the other controllers live there.

    In basics just learn everything you can because most of it will be applied later. In labs, study the phraseology and try to learn why it is your saying certain things, develope a scanning system so that you don't loose track of anyone. If you want to learn more about the rules of ATC I would suggest knowing how divergence is applied, vertical seperation criteria, departure and arrival procedures, parts of a clearance, and the phraseology that applies. (That is a good start)

    Sorry about the novel but I hope this helps.

    Oh the most important thing, almost every question can be answered with "depends"
    Welcome to Stuck Mic, I hope you enjoy the site!
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